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How to choose a cost-effective transparent LED display? You can refer to these f


    The safest LED transparent screen is the best. In recent years, the LED transparent screen manufacturing industry has been very popular. Basically, all walks of life can see their backs. Obviously, security risks are a problem from beginning to end. The following It is Shenzhen Chengyixin Optoelectronics to choose the best LED transparent screen for you.



1. Line. The total area of led transparent screens is relatively large, and there are many roads connected. The occurrence of multiple safety accidents will only be a problem for one road. A small road will lead to mid-to-late safety accidents, only the current one. The safety protection is very good. The road uses hard connections. The lower the road, the higher the safety function. The most popular Newton series products are doing very well in this line. The data signal power plug is integrated with the "fuzzy-proof design" to avoid The road is on fire.

    2. Heat pipe heat dissipation. The natural environment encountered by outdoor large screens is more abominable. It is very temperature-related. Electronic equipment will heat up during the whole process of use. It is not avoided. Therefore, the larger total area must be installed. Centrifugal fans and central air conditioners ensure that the temperature of the LED transparent screen is moderate, and the service life can be used for a long time. If you can choose the LED transparent screen with the built-in heat pipe heat dissipation effect of the aluminum shell, it is good. To ensure that the temperature is eliminated, the centrifugal fan and central air conditioner are more beautiful and generous.

    3. Protection and maintenance. 1 LED transparent screen has a lifespan of up to 200,000 hours, during which some problems will occur, 1 unit board has a problem, the road has been embrittlement after a long time, and one or two switching power supplies are out of power, so protection and maintenance It is quite quick to choose the front, back, left and right of the level, and now many consider this standard.

    4. Price. Everything has a price. Choose this item based on the price. The price is higher and the quality is relatively better. It is true. The same well-known brand is better than the price. It is possible to compare the price with the same grade. What is the practical significance of the level than the price? You can choose the more expensive, and you can also choose the most cost-effective. If you feel suitable, it means the best.