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What is the net red LED sky screen?


The development history of LED display screens is tortuous, but for people nowadays, there is no sense of existence. It has developed from the previous monochrome era when the quality was not good to the present. It is an industry's Progress can also be used to understand the vigorous development of the entire market economy through the display industry, which has become the indicator of an era! And now LED displays are becoming more and more popular. From outdoor displays to indoor displays, from advertising displays to Internet celebrity sky screens, these all indicate that this era is an era of integration and openness. So today Shenzhen Chengyixin Optoelectronics will give you an idea of what the most popular internet celebrity sky screen looks like today?



What is the net red sky screen? As the name implies, the LED sky screen full of technology and futuristic sense, flashing and beating lighting art, the ultimate feeling of modern technology and unique design brings dreamy colors and stylish taste of sound and light art, making people immersed in the beauty of the scenery. For a long time, people have infinite reveries about the sky above their heads, and they have used roof painting to satisfy visual shock and satisfaction. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the unchanging roof painting can no longer satisfy people's imagination, so LED sky screens came into being, so they are also called net red sky screens.

     But in order for merchants to create their own brand effect, these are essential! At present, LED sky screens have become the "eye-catching" artifacts of major merchants. For industries that convert through human traffic, "eye-catching" means "absorbing gold", which can bring greater popularity and sales to businesses . With the overall growth of market demand, LED sky screens have been seen everywhere. Shenzhen Chengyixin Optoelectronics believes that in the future it will bring more shocking and bright display effects to people!